Counseling San Dimas, Ca.

Don’t’ let stress, anxiety, or depression steal your happiness. You once had dreams filled with joy and wonder. Now you’re sad, lack motivation, and are easily irritated. What happened?

I don’t want you to keep feeling that way. There is help. There is hope.

Call me or Text me at 626-641-2205 to explore ways you can start feeling better.

God has given you many gifts and talents and wants you to make the most of them. Relationships, health, and even work is a gift, even if it doesn’t feel like it is much of a gift. Work allows us to feel purposeful and productive. However, the enemy of our souls wants to steal every gift God gives us. Some of the ways this happens is through worry, anxiety, fear, emptiness, overwhelm, or depression.

Do you know if you are depressed or feeling anxiety or is it just the way things are? Do you know any different?

  • Do you find yourself avoiding things or people you used to enjoy?
  • Do you feel more irritable (or been told) you’re grumpier or more critical than normal?
  • Do you wish you could get things done but feel unmotivated or stuck?
  • Are you arguing with family, friends or co-workers more?
  • Are you so busy you don’t make time to think or feel because you’re afraid what might be hidden beneath the surface?
  • How can you balance work responsibilities and family life when it is so hard just to get out of bed?
  • Are your thoughts racing about all kinds of negative things?

These things can interfere with relationships, with work, even with our physical health and spiritual well -being

But you don’t have to live this way even one more day. I don’t want you to keep struggling alone. Call / Text me to see if we are a good fit. 626-641-2205.

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